How to use Not-Placed Objects and Relationships with PlantDataManager

PlantDataManager enables users to gain comprehensive access to project data without having to rely on AutoCAD Plant 3D. With PlantDataManager, users can modify project data, add or edit “non-placed objects”, connect to external databases and perform complex data calculations.

Not-Placed Objects (NPOs) are all objects which do not exist in the drawings of your project. The opposite is the Placed Object (POs) which are all objects (symbols and lines) which are in your drawings. NPOs can be categorized into two groups. Graphical NPOs (GNPOs) and Non-Graphical NPOs (NGNPOs).

Graphical NPOs are objects which will be created with the purpose of being inserted into drawings at some point. This happens very often at the beginning of a project where you don’t even have drawings. You now can create NPOs, fill in the data and when you start with your drawings, you can insert these objects with all their data already there. Then later the Graphical NPOs will become a Placed Objects.

Non-Graphical NPOs are object which will reside in the database only. These objects will be created to add objects which are not important for the drawing but are important to bring in more data into your project. An example are instruments which are related to other instruments which are needed in your project. Or maintenance material which should be in the project.

Non-Graphical Not-Placed Objects can also be created by PlantSpecDriven, e.g. as Gaskets for P&ID flanges.

The following video shows the complete workflow of how Not-Placed Objects can be used in your project.


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For more details, we refer you to out online documentation under Not-Placed Objects and Relationships.