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auxalia - your Autodesk and BIM partner

auxalia GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, is a merger of the companies CAD STUDIO ABCOM GmbH and Bytes & Building GmbH. The consulting firm offers comprehensive solutions for all building disciplines and is committed to digital professionalization of the construction industry – using a comprehensive BIM portfolio, supplemented by proprietary solutions. For more than 30 years, the CAD experts have been “building digital” as a task and goal and, accordingly, bring with them a great deal of experience in the field. auxalia is the largest Autodesk partner in Germany specializing in AEC with 70 employees, 8 branches and 4.600 customers. Managing Directors are Andreas Hofherr and Bärbel Maempel. They focus on customer service, holistic customer care and a fair, sustainable customer relationship – so that the construction industry does not miss out on the future.

Unique range of services

auxalia distributes the entire Autodesk AEC and BIM product portfolio. In addition, we offer our own innovative solutions, e.g. Revit ProjectBox or PlantTools that complement the Autodesk products. Our goal is a continuous digitization of project workflows as well as a networked collaboration for builders, contractors, project developers, architects, engineers and other participants in construction.

build digital

auxalia is committed to a sustainable digital professionalization of the construction industry. Through competent, individual and holistic advice as well as with innovative solutions, the specialists from auxalia help to advance digitization in the construction industry. For this auxalia offers a complete BIM portfolio supplemented by own solutions.

Autodesk Platinum Partner

auxalia has achieved the highest quality level in the global Autodesk partner program with its Platinum status – as one of a handful of companies in German-speaking countries. The Platinum Status is only awarded to partners who meet the highest requirements in terms of industry knowledge, advice and service quality. In addition, the seminars and individual training courses relating to Autodesk solutions must meet the strictest quality standards.

34 Years of experience
70 Employees
9 Branches
4600 Customers


Das Architekturbüro AUKETT + HEESE aus Berlin ist als lokaler Architekt an der Umsetzung am Projekt „EDGE East Side“ in Berlin beteiligt. Mit Autodesk Revit und BIM Collaborate Pro ist es AUKETT + HEESE gelungen, das Projekt den hohen Ansprüchen entsprechend reibungslos abzuwickeln. Außerdem konnten die erfahrenen Architekten das enorme Potenzial zeigen, das BIM für die Berücksichtigung von Nachhaltigkeitsaspekten in der Planung besitzt.