Create reports with revisions and com-pare them

The ability to create and manage reports from AutoCAD P&ID and AutoCAD Plant 3D is a powerful tool for data intensive workflows. PlantReporter extends and enhances reporting capabilities by both enabling reporting of plant project data without Autodesk products and by providing additional configurability. You can also create a group of projects and create reports from them or from other data sources. PlantReporter can also create versions and revisions of reports/lists, which can be compared to see changes in your data.

An overview of the functions

Creating formatted reports, data/spec sheets and data exports
Works without Autodesk Plant Solutions Products
Versions/Revisions and Comparision
Use relation-ships
Reports of a group of projects
Using other data sources

See what customers say about the PlantTools

“Our corporate claim highlights our ability to translate state-of-the-art technology into profitable plants, laying the groundwork for our clients‘ commercial success. Due to our high requirements auxalia (formerly CADSTUDIO) developed a new PlantTool especially for our company: PlantSpecDriven! We also use all other PlantTools in a very efficient way. We registered 25 % time-savings in our 3D piping and the error rate dropped to a minimum. We are very satisfied with the PlantTools, life is a lot easier in our daily work.”


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