Access to data without CAD

PlantDataManager was developed so that customers could have access to plant project data without having AutoCAD P&ID and/or AutoCAD Plant 3D installed on their computers. Users of PlantDataManager can modify plant project data or add non-placed objects and data and link those to external databases to plant project objects or calculate data.

An overview of the functions

Edit project data without CAD by multiple users while drawings are open and in production
Create and insert non-placedobjects „NPOs“
Link external databases to your project’s objects
Ex-/Import of Excel Sheets
Calculate properties using other object properties
Improve dataflow in your P&IDs

See what customers say about the PlantTools

“In our workflow process, the PlantTools provides a bridge of the P&ID data to the Engineers. We’ve customized the P&ID program to include additional data for our reports, including line lists, valve lists, equipment and instrumentation lists, etc… With the use of the PlantDataManager, the Engineer has the ability to fill in all the necessary data values and the CAD tech imports the information (data) back into the P&IDs using the Import tool of the Add-on in Autodesk P&ID. This process saves us time and money and assures the final lists that are generated are accurate and correct.”


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