A Collection of productive functions

PlantExpressTools are a collection of CAD-related functions as well as project administration features. Since the list gets longer with every version, you will get a full overview on this page.

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An overview of the functions

  • Assemblies
  • Coordinates
  • Copy/Rename Project
  • Selection List Ex-/Import
  • Project Setup Ex-/Import
  • Update Line Annotation
  • DWG Export
  • Create Lists
  • Tag/Acquisition Update
  • Calculated Properties
  • Symbols Palette
  • From/To
  • Extended Assign Tag
  • Selection List Update
  • Check Nozzle Size
  • Properties Palette
  • PlantProjectManager
  • Bolt Calculation
  • Change Log
  • PlantProjectCreate
  • Rule-based block insert
  • Off-Page Connector Manager

Assemblies allow you to create logical groups for your P&ID Symbols and Lines and use Acquisition Rules between the P&ID objects and the Assembly.

Calculates X-, Y- (,Z-)values of P&ID objects for your drawing frame grid.

Allows you to copy or rename projects including all files within you project.

You can export all your Selection Lists of P&ID and 3D, modify them (e.g. with Excel) and import them back. This speeds-up your project setup significantly.

You can export your P&ID classes, properties and symbols, modify them (e.g. with Excel) and import them back. You can also create new classes, properties and symbols when importing.

Checks and updates the annotation of your line segments in P&ID, in case line annotations are not linked to their line segments anymore.

Exports P&ID and 3D drawing as standard AutoCAD DWGs with standard AutoCAD objects (e.g. Solids). This function will also purge the drawing and considers XREFs.

Generates lists in your P&ID drawing. For example, creating an equipment lists in your drawing.

Checks and updates your Tags and Acquisitions in case of changes in project setup.

You can create simple concatenation or complex mathematical formular for your Plant 3D properties. It can be best compared to Microsoft Excel formula. You can also calculate color, layer or hyperlink.

Provides a new experience to insert your symbols and lines by showing only the Symbols/Lines you have in your current project. Don’t worry about ex- and importing of tool palettes.

Creates additional From/To data for your Line Segments and Line Groups.

In addition to the properties which make the Tag you can add more properties which you may want to fill out while assigning the Tag.

With this function, Selection Lists will be automatically updated with data from an external source (e.g. a database or an Excel file).

Checks the size of a nozzle against the size of the line segment.

With the properties palette you can define your own tabs, groups, and properties you want to see and control the order of the properties.

PlantProjectManager is a replacement of the Plant 3D Project Manager. With PlantProjectManager you have many more features like creating version and revisions. It is also the central place for using other PlantTools functions.

The Bolt Calculation replaces the BoltSets of AutoCAD Plant 3D completely and comes with its own expandable bolt catalog. PlantExpressTools support BoltSets as well as the use of single bolt parts.

The Change Log function logs any change made to the properties of your P&ID objects (symbols and lines). The history can be viewed, searched, filtered, and restored.

With PlantProjectCreate you can let your project and drawings create from within other applications. It can also set your project and drawing properties. This is most useful for companies which want to streamline the project creation.

With the rule-based block/assembly insert pre-defined blocks/assemblies can automatically be inserted based on user-definable rules. This is interesting if drawings are put together from standard assemblies which only leaves smaller changes.

The new OPC Manager is a completely new way of connecting and managing your Off-Page Connectors. For the first time you get an overview of all your Off-Page Connectors. In the graphical user interface, you can search, filter, connect and disconnect without even opening any drawing.

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