Revit MEP (English)

Seminarart: Basic Zur Anmeldung

Language: English

After completing the Revit MEP seminar, you will obtain a global overview of the required Revit functions and project settings. You can set up the basic Revit presets for your first MEP project, reference CAD data (2D/3D) for further processing or integrate a Revit model (BIM model). You are able to plan the building services of a building in 3D using the model-oriented BIM method of working and to generate corresponding plans.

The training is held in English language. The software and templates used in this seminar are based on German Content.

Learning content Target group Requirements

The participants will be trained in the current software version Revit 2023 and Revit ProjectBox 2023:

  • What does BIM mean in MEP?
  • User interface
  • Project preparation and data import
  • Use view templates depending on the discipline
  • MEP rooms in the preliminary planning
  • discipline-dependent construction
  • Generate annotations and schedules
  • data output

The Revit MEP seminar is aimed at all newcomers to the BIM technology of building data modeling, including complete building services.

Rolle: Planung/Modellierung

  • Basic constructive understanding and insight into future CAD tasks
  • Extension: Revit ProjectBox


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