Versioning and Revisions with PlantProjectManager

This blog describes the PlantExpressTools function Versions/Revisions with PlantProjectManager.

Before you can create versions or revisions of drawings, you need to activate and setup the feature in the category you need this feature for. The picture below actually shows a new PFD category as an example, but you can create it for any existing category as too.

You can define how Revisions and Versions are counted. You can also allow the overriding of a Version or Revision or allow the manual naming of the Version or Revision in case you have a system which isn’t supported.

When you create a new drawing (it will also work with existing drawings in your project), you can choose whether you want to start with a Version or Revision.

Change the Description text if needed.

PlantProjectManager will show the Version number in the tree and also the Version info in the tab “Revision”.

To create a Version or Revision you use the context menu of PlantProjectManager. You can also create a Version and Revision of multiple drawings.

You then choose whether you want to create a new Version or Revision. You also see the backup filename of your current drawing.

The new Version will again appear in the tree and the Revision tab.

Next, we create a Revision.

This will create a Revision and Version. Version 1 in this example will become Revision A. And since the Version will be start again at 0, we also get a backup of Revision A.

In the tree you now see “v:0 – r:A”. And the Version and Revision appear in the tab.

In this video from our auxalia-on-air Webinar from 04. March 2019 you will see a step-by-step guidance.

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