PlantReporter: Create reports for XLS and CSV formats

This article covers the specialties when creating a report in XLS or CSV format with PlantReporter or AutoCAD Plant Report Creator.

When creating a report in XLS/XLSX format you are shown unwanted columns and rows.


If we look at the layout for this example it looks like this:


Here we see gaps between the various layout elements and the borders (green arrows) and we see overlapping elements (green lines). Because of that we get those unwanted columns and rows.

If you change the layout like this:


Then those unneeded columns and rows are gone:


When creating CSV files, we typically need to simplify the layout even more, because only headers and data are needed. Any formatting is lost.

This can look like this:


What can be helpful is to set a different separator. In the report properties you can set your own custom separator (typically ; , or tabulator). Otherwise the separator from the Windows settings is used.


The result looks like this:


The video show cases the tips mentioned above in the real application.

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