PlantExpressTools: new update released

The PlantTools are regularly developed and their quality improved.

Some customers had massive problems with crashes of Plant 3D. After analysing several customers projects, we found two bugs in PlantExpressTools. Firstly, when using the “MOVE” command to move P&ID Annotations. In this instance, we were able to reproduce crashes, because we were returned unexpected values to our code.

The second issue was also triggered by the “MOVE” command. This time however, in combination with the PlantExpressTools Assembly function. Here we received unneeded objects for our code. This led to a slow execution of the “MOVE” command when moving multiple objects and as a result also crashes.

Solution: Please update to PlantExpressTools Version 4.3.0.xxxx if you experience crashes when using the MOVE command in P&ID drawings.

More speed with PlantExpressTools

PlantExpressTools Version contains multiple smaller improvements. Especially regarding the Off-Page Connector Manager. Tags and Acquisitions can now be updated project wide without the need to open every single drawing. This reduced the update time significantly. Furthermore, we implemented significant speed improvements for the Change Log function and PlantProjectManager.

PlantSpecDriven with support for InLine-Instruments

The new version PlantSpecDriven finally enables the use of the Inline-Instruments class symbols. When activating the Inline-instruments class in PlantSpecDriven Wizard, the properties for the Inline-Instruments class will be copied automatically from the Inline-Assets class. Furthermore, the Inline-Assets and Inline-Instruments will be shown in the PlantSpecDriven structure tree in order of their placement on the PipeLineSegments.

2021 11 05 15 56 17 screenshot

PlantSpecDriven with Vault and Autodesk Construction Cloud

More and more users want to use PlantSpecDriven in combination with Autodesk Vault Professional or Autodesk Construction Cloud. Therefore, we adapted PlantSpecDriven on the basis of a customer development for Vault Professional and Autodesk Construction Cloud. If the use of Not-Placed Objects (e.g., Gaskets) in P&ID is not a requirement, you can start using PlantSpecDriven already. This also includes using PlantSpecDriven with Autodesk Construction Cloud (Collaboration Projects). If you want to use Not-Placed Objects, for example for gaskets in P&ID, then this will be possible soon for Vault. For Collaboration projects it will take a bit longer.

2021 11 05 15 53 03 screenshot

Updates of PlantDataManager and PlantLink

With the new Versions of PlantDataManager and PlantLink link configurations can be deactivated for use in PlantDataManager. This is especially interesting for Extended Links which are not important for being used in PlantDataManager.

2021 11 05 16 22 21 screenshot

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