Christmas Contest „AR meets Hohoho!“

Submit your photo, like our Facebook page and win great prizes!

How about presenting your building models as holograms to your customers or partners? Robotic Eyes Augmented Reality technologies make it possible. 
We are fascinated and have developed a Christmas raffle out of enthusiasm. For this purpose we “wrapped” the company building of one of our branches in Germany with Christmas decoration using Autodesk Revit and turned it into a hologram with Robotic Eyes.

And now it’s your turn – in 3 simple steps:

Step 1:
Download the app

Download the free app "REXview by Robotic Eyes" using the QR-Code above. Start the app and scan the QR code again if asked. This is how you open the hologram in the app.

schritt 2 1

Step 2:
Submit your photo

Project the hologram in the office, at home or elsewhere. Take a picture of it and send it to

schritte 3

Step 3:
Like our Facebook page

Subscribe to our Facebook page so you can view your photo and all other submissions. IMPORTANT: Only subscribers of our Facebook page are able to participate in the raffle and win prizes.

What are the rewards?

Among all submissions, we are giving away 3 Amazon vouchers worth € 75, € 50 and € 25. Closing date is December 19, 2019.

All photos will be published on our social media channels. By submitting your photo, you agree to the terms and conditions.

We hope you enjoy playing and good luck winning!

amazon preise 1