Data Management and Change tracking

This Webinar show cases the various workflows around your project data. Already, when creating P&ID drawings the data you be viewed and edited in a more structured way. Outside of AutoCAD Plant 3D you not only can print or export data, but also edit them. This gives you even more possibilities to edit your data in additional ways. You can use lists and data sheets which are typically used to created PDF but can now also be used for editing. While editing your data it naturally creates a lot of changes during the lifetime of your project. These changes can always be viewed as a change history. You can also search for old values in the complete history of your changes. Changes are also shown in chronological order including the version/revision history of your drawings. Those changes can be viewed inside and outside of AutoCAD Plant 3D.

carsten beinecke auxalia on air


Carsten Beinecke, auxalia GmbH


May 19, 2021


03:00 PM - 03:30 PM CEST