ACC Support for PlantLink and PlantSpecDriven

With the releases of PlantLink and PlantSpecDriven the configuration files created and used by PlantLink and PlantSpecDriven are now properly handled for Collaboration projects.

For PlantLink this includes the files in the \ACPlantTools\PlantLink  and \ACPlantTools\PlantLink\LinkConfigurations folders. If link configurations use external data sources, they will be considered too.

For PlantSpecDriven it includes all files under \ACPlantTools\PlantSpecDriven.

PlantLink and PlantSpecDriven will download their files when you open the Collaboration project. If you want to make changes to the settings or link configurations, then the necessary files will be checked out automatically as soon as you open the user interfaces or the PlantLink/PlantSpecDriven Wizard. This prevents anybody else from making changes to the files.

If you are done with your changes to the settings files, the files will be automatically checked in.

Since the link configurations of PlantLink are also used by PlantDataManager, the files are also handled through PlantDataManager. Be aware, that for example changing a link configuration through PlantDataManager is slower than doing it directly in PlantLink.

PlantReporter also uses link configurations of PlantLink, but here the files are only downloaded, because you cannot make changes to the link configurations in PlantReporter.

For each of the PlantTools, we also added detailed descriptions about the different workflows describing when which files are downloaded, checked out, or checked in. PlantDataManager Collaboration Workflows, PlantLink Collaboration Workflows, PlantReporter Collaboration Workflows, PlantSpecDriven Collaboration Workflows.